Apple and Twitter?

According to the New York Times, Apple is considering a significant investment in Twitter. (See also Cult of Mac with some commentary.) This would be strangely interesting, since it belies Apple’s usual business strategy of buying and subsuming (to paraphrase the article). Certainly, the way Twitter has been threading its way into Mac OS and iOS, Apple is seriously interested in Twitter—although Mountain Lion is soon to get tighter Facebook integration, too. (An investment in Facebook right now, though—with the poor performance after the IPO—doesn’t seem like it would be particularly wise.)

This would certainly be a better move than airing those recent Apple ads, though. Yuck.

Update: This might not be news after all, as apparently talks have been going on for  some time. The broader point, though, of how—and where—Apple is going to get involved in social media, is still salient, I think.