Review of “A Hologram For the King” in the Lincoln Journal-Star

My review of Dave Eggers’ excellent A Hologram for the King appears in today’s Lincoln Journal-Star. You can read it online right here.

I liked Hologram a lot, actually. The 300 words or so that the review comprises aren’t, obviously, enough to talk about all of the book’s strengths, and some of its faults. The former outweigh the latter.

The one thing I did not mention—space again—in the review, though, was how beautiful the physical edition of the book was. Outside of Murakami’s hardback 1Q84, this is one of the most exquisite physical novels I have picked up in some time. As may be evident with the cover, Hologram poses as an old-leather-bound sort of book, without a dust jacket—it seems to instantly ask for a prominent place on the bookshelf. The typeset, too, is more attractive than any Kindle font. If you’re going to read this one, you’ll miss out if you read the eBook.

Update 7-23-12: For a much longer (and better) treatment of the novel, the NY Times recently ran a piece by Pico Iyer.

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