The Alternate Endings to “A Farewell to Arms.”

The New York Times notes that a new edition of A Farewell to Arms is going to contain all of Hemingway’s famous 39 47 revised endings:

For close readers of Hemingway the endings are a fascinating glimpse into how the novel could have concluded on a different note, sometimes more blunt and sometimes more optimistic. And since modern authors tend to produce their work on computers, the new edition also serves as an artifact of a bygone craft, with handwritten notes and long passages crossed out, giving readers a sense of an author’s process. (When asked in the 1958 Paris Review interview with George Plimpton what had stumped him, Hemingway said, “Getting the words right.”)

This will be interesting to read—A Farewell to Arms was one of those novels that inspired me as a teenager, and I haven’t re-read it since. “Getting the words right”—typical Hemingway.

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