The Fall of Jonah Lehrer.

Jonah Lehrer has resigned his position from the New Yorker after it was discovered that he had fabricated quotes in his latest book, Imagine.

Kottke, with a recent post on the revelations:

When this sort of thing happens, you wonder how much else was, shall we say, embellished for effect.

Andrew Sullivan:

The whole thing is saddening because Lehrer is so obviously brilliant and talented – just as Johann Hari is. But accountability matters; and these two precocious talents have rightly taken their lumps and will, I fervently hope, return to better days soon.

Agreed on both counts. I’ve read two of Lehrer’s three books, and enjoyed both. They were well-written; obviously I didn’t know much about the science, and nor was I in any position to verify their accuracy, but they seemed to be logically argued.  I am baffled about these latest allegations (that he fabricated Bob Dylan quotes for Imagine). This is a graver sin than his previous “self-plagiarism.”

Electric Lit has the scandal in some context. Perhaps the Millions was onto something back there.