On Finding a Location for the Dock.

You’ll notice I’ve not upgraded to Mountain Lion. Soon, yes, soon.

This is amusing: Stephen Hackett whimsically posted about the placement of his dock (pegged to the lower-right hand corner of his screen), and it inspired some some backlash. Sometimes hardcore Mac folks really just need to settle down. (Cf the constant coverage of the Apple v. Samsung “patent trial of the century” and the apocalyptic coverage of even the most mundane, common trial occurrences.)

Hackett’s point about the dock not wasting space on the bottom of the screen is well made. For me, the dock is just too pretty to put to the side—although I’ve had it there in fits and starts. I find the small bit of screen real estate it wastes (at least on my 15-inch MBP screen or my 23-inch LCD) is minimal, at best. Like him, I can’t bring myself to keep it hidden. What is a few pixels, anyway?