“The Neruda Case” by Roberto Ampuero.

My review of Roberto Ampuero’s The Neruda Case is now live at the Ploughshares Blog:

The Cayetano novels splice literary fiction with noirish detective yarns—but what makes The Neruda Case particularly interesting is its nuanced portrait of the Nobel laureate poet.

Many thanks to Ploughshares for publishing (and for the excellent edits).

Bonus link: The “View From Your Window” Contest over at The Daily Dish just recently featured a location essential to the plot of The Neruda Case: a view from La Sebastiana, Neruda’s house in Valparaiso, Chile (which is mentioned in the review and is integral to the plot of the novel). The image to the upper right was a reader submission of the house. That reader wrote:

Interestingly, the house sat unfinished for ten years before Neruda, looking for a second residence outside Santiago, transformed it into what it is today–a pseudo-surrealist, towering, artistic house (reminiscent of the Weasley house in Harry Potter) filled with a bizarre and artistic collection of antiques and artifacts.

Follow the link if you want to see Don Pablo’s incredible view.

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