A Tech Love Letter to the eMate.

Andy Wefle, on that forgotten bit of Apple history:

The Apple device that holds perhaps the dearest place in my memories was my Apple Newton eMate 300. With the power of a PDA in the body of what we would now call a “netbook”, the eMate was introduced less than a year before Apple pulled the plug on the Newton line. It was intended to be used primarily in the classroom, and had an IrDA port that students could use to “beam” information to the teacher. I have to say that after years of asking around, I’ve never known anyone who used eMates in their classroom.

I fondly remember using eMate in my seventh grade social studies class—working on reports about Egypt, if I recall, among other things. I, too, fell in love with the little machine. We never obtained one at home, despite my requests. This piece is striking: it’s fascinating how many innovations the eMates had—innovations that showed up again (and then were lauded) in later Apple devices.