The Childhood Writings of David Foster Wallace.

As part of “DFW Week,” Page Turner has a post from D.T. Max about David Foster Wallace’s childhood writings:

All the same there is something about the aura of mystery and discomfort enfolding the adult David Foster Wallace that makes you want to search even his childhood writing for clues. You are looking both for evidence of his later mental travails but even more for the seeds of the spiny, sideways muscularity of his mature prose style. Such a distinctive style—really a way of seeing the world—can’t come out of nowhere, can it?

I’ve read the viking poem before, but I hadn’t seen the bread one. They are trivia, of course, but Max makes the discoveries amusing. His biography of DFW, Every Love Story is a Ghost Story, was just released last week, and is sitting near the top of my to-read pile.

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