The Other Cloud Atlas.

Since (on this blog) I’ve seemingly posted endlessly about Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell’s novel and the film), it seems only appropriate to link to this piece by Liam Callahan, who wrote a book titled The Cloud Atlas that was released the same year as Mitchell’s novel. Poor guy. The post lists the ways in which his life has changed since the movie version of Cloud Atlas. Number nine:

I find myself having to explain that even though I, unlike David Mitchell, never considered my novel “unfilmable,” no one ever bought the rights to my novel, although there was an exciting phone call with a Hollywood agent who said he loved the book but—Listen Liam, snow is expensive. It would help you to know, I suppose, that my book is set in Bethel, Alaska. It would also help, if you were trying to acquire film rights for my book to have read the book, wherein you’d discover that there’s no snow in it, because it takes place in Alaska in the summer. But Liam, it’s Alaska, so people are going to think snow, want snow, and snow isn’t cheap, you’ve gotta shred diapers and usually in London.

Great stuff.

(Kudos to Kottke)