The Orphan Master’s Son.

Congrats to Adam Johnson and The Orphan Master’s Son, which won the Tournament of Books last week. I haven’t read the novel yet, but it’s definitely in the to-read pile now. All editions—KindleNook and paperback—are cheap right now, so there are no excuses not to pick it up.

After the ToB, I’ve placed a few more books on my must-read pile: Building Stories (and I’m no graphic novel fan), Beautiful Ruins, and Arcadia. I had read about all of them before, but reading the match-ups, commentary, and comments during the tournament sucked me in.

And Lev Grossman should win some prize as best judge of the tournament.

Update (4/17/13): Apparently the price for the ebook of The Orphan Master’s Son has gone up for a few dollars, unfortunately—probably related to it winning the Pulitzer. Now the paperback is the better deal.