Alice Munro wins the Nobel.

Alice Munro has won the Nobel Prize in literature. My favorite part about the announcement:

Though winners are traditionally notified by phone in the hour before the announcement, the Swedish Academy was unable to locate Ms. Munro, according to the Twitter accountfor the Nobel Prize. It left a phone message instead.


Ms. Munro found out about the prize while visiting her daughter in Victoria, British Columbia who woke her at 4:00 a.m. with the news. Sounding a bit groggy, and at times emotional, she spoke with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation just a few minutes later by telephone.

Quite the awesome phone message—which she didn’t check, even more awesomely. I’ve read many of Munro’s stories (including some in her latest collection, Dear Life), but never a complete collection. That it has been—for my two plus years of searching—nearly impossible to find Runaway at any used book store probably speaks to her quality of writing.