My Home Screen.

As an avid fan of virtually any home screen blog post, for a long time—for no particular reason—I’ve not shared my own home screen. Today, at least as far as my iPhone goes, I’m going to remedy that. Without further comment:



For one, I don’t understand anyone who leaves a blank row on their home screen—it’s a waste of precious real estate for (to me, at least) seemingly empty aesthetic reasons. I use up pretty much every bit of real estate possible. A little bit more about some of the apps:

  • OmniFocus: Indispensable on my phone; I use it constantly.
  • Music: I use both Play Music (Google) and Rdio for all my music listening. With the free sync of my iTunes library into Google, the only reason I use the Play Music service is for songs I already own that Rdio doesn’t have (e.g., The Beatles).
  • Dispatch: Recently switched to Dispatch from Mail for the OmniFocus integration. It has a few intuitive problems so far, but I mostly like it and am using it regularly.
  • Reminders: For everything too stupid and small that I don’t want to waste time processing it through OF.
  • Terminology: I look up words constantly during my reading, and this is the best dictionary app I’ve come across.
  • Flickr: After wanting a good photo sharing and backup solution for a long time, I have finally settled in Flickr, since I can easily upload my DSLR photos from iPhoto into the service, and it gives me 1TB of storage. The iPhone app is pretty solid, but inexplicably missing features, like favoriting photos. (Oh, and there’s no iPad app.)
  • Podcasts: I don’t really like it, but I use it. I’ll drop the 2 bucks on the newest version of Instacast sometime soon.
  • Dark Sky: The best weather app, period. Rain forecasts are scarily accurate.
  • Fantastical: The natural language calendar entry is what sold me on this one.
  • Running: friends tell me to switch to RunKeeper, but I’m stuck in the Nike + world for the moment. After the most recent updates, this app is finally stable and reliable.
  • Evernote and Drafts: What more can be said about these two apps? They keep all my research and writing ideas organized.