Review of “Leaving the Pink House” by Ladette Randolph.

pinkhouseMy review of Ladette Randolph’s enjoyable new memoir, Leaving the Pink House, is in Sunday’s Lincoln Journal Star, and online here as well. A bit:

Throughout, the prose isn’t flashy or showy, but crystalline and precise. Randolph’s life may not have had quite as many upheavals as other, similar memoirs — such as “The Glass Castle” by Jeannette Walls or “The Truth Book” by Joy Castro, both also brilliant and stunning — but this account, if quiet, rarely provides dull moments.

I read most of the book on the long flight to DC. If you liked The Glass Castle, for example, or are interested in something with more local (read, Nebraska) ties, then I’d definitely recommend the book.

I also reviewed Randolph’s last novel, Haven’s Wake.