Version 2I’m an attorney living in Nebraska, with a wife, a daughter, and a Yorkshire Terrier.

This site (maintained in my spare time) mostly highlights the writing I do outside of the legal world. My fiction has appeared in Palooka Magazine,  Midwestern Gothic, Pulp Literature, Anomaly Lit, and the Lawyerist, among other publications. I also have essays that appeared in The Millions and have regularly written book reviews for the Lincoln Journal-Star, Necessary Fiction, and at the Ploughshares Blog. I also write fairly often on local arts for L Magazine.

If you want to read a bit more about my writing philosophy and favorite writers, check out this interview I did. A bit more about my book reviewing philosophy is here.

Lately I’ve been getting more into photography, as well.

I’ve also been a longtime Mac user—long before it (as it appears now) to be cool—my first Mac was an LC III back in 1993. Through a Beige PowerMac G3, Quicksilver G4, two iBooks, three Macbook Pros and two iPads, I’m still at it. I also distract myself with an iPhone 6S and an Apple Watch.

You can follow me @gwalklin or on RSS by clicking here. I also have a Pressfolios page. Any questions or comments can be directed to greg[at]gregwalklin.com.

All opinions on this site are my own.