Book Reviews.

My philosophy /tastes

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to be able to write about books I read, fiction and nonfiction, for publications. I make it a point, if at all possible, not to write a review just bashing on a book: if I don’t like it, I don’t write about it. (“Better to praise and share than blame and ban,” Updike once said.) More on my philosophy here.

My preferred genres are literary fiction and history. I’m a lawyer, so I’m always interested in legal biographies or law-related topics. For a long time I’ve been a lover of Latin American and Spanish-language literature, as can probably be gleaned from my reviews of Javier Marías, Juan Gabriel Vasquez, Eduardo Lalo, Álvaro Bisama, and others—so I’m especially interested in those types of titles. (I regularly review Spanish language literature in translation for Literal Magazine, but also other books, as well.) As for history, I particularly enjoy anything concerning American Foreign Relations and/or Iran or China.

Review Copies

If you’re a publishing press/PR person, and are interested in sending me a review copy, please get in contact with me at greg[at] I’m always interested in finding out about new books.


The following have been posted on this site or appear in print/online elsewhere:


  • American Harvest, Marie Mutsuki Mockett (for Colorado Review)