Apple made an excellent selection for its App of the Year: DayOne, the journaling app on iPhone/iPad/Mac, which I use regularly. I’d recommend picking it up, at least if you’re inclined, at all, to journal in any capacity. (I mostly use it to hash out thoughts on books or for very rough drafts of other […]

Evernote 5 for iOS.

As if the awesome Evernote 5 Mac Beta wasn’t good enough, there is a new iOS version coming out soon. (Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video—but head over to the site to check it out.) Evernote is the most indispensable app I use.

Paul Krugman Defends Nate Silver.

Over at the New York Times, Paul Krugman defends some recent (politically-motivated) attacks on Nate Silver. I don’t pretend to know much about statistics, but Nate Silver has always struck me as a rare beacon of objectivity and straightforwardness. If one could bet on such things, I would bet the house that whatever Silver says […]

If the bookshelf could speak.

The kind of “other voice voices of reproach—deep and solemn voices” of which Brad Leithauser writes—talking about those great, classic works of literature that beckon him from his bookshelves, telling him to “get serious” and read them—are precisely what made me finally pick up my wife’s copy of Anna Karenina. For Leithauser, his attempt at getting […]

The Wachowskis Talk Cloud Atlas.

The Slash Film interview. Skip about 5 minutes in to hear them talk about their film version David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas—which arrives in only a week or so. (C.F. my post on real cloud atlases.) Lana’s talk about the Matrix Trilogy (at about 17 minutes) is also well worth watching, and also makes some intriguing connects […]

Blog design.

Apparently the (otherwise great) Manifest Theme I use on the site has started to display the content in a rather odd manner. I’ll look for a solution when I have some time to find out, so in the meantime bear with me on the design changes.

A Tech Love Letter to the eMate.

Andy Wefle, on that forgotten bit of Apple history: The Apple device that holds perhaps the dearest place in my memories was my Apple Newton eMate 300. With the power of a PDA in the body of what we would now call a “netbook”, the eMate was introduced less than a year before Apple pulled the plug […]

Spotlight for iPhone.

This is a great, great idea. I would love to see this for iPhone—it would make a number of items much easier to accomplish. File this with concepts I would love to see for Apple products.

How Will Breaking Bad End?

  Vulture: Breaking Bad won’t be over-over for another fifteen episodes — eight of which won’t air until next summer anyway — but it’s impossible not to wonder how it’s all going to end. Its entire vibe is one of impending mortality, and looming death is BB’s brutal bread and butter. But how will the […]