Apple made an excellent selection for its App of the Year: DayOne, the journaling app on iPhone/iPad/Mac, which I use regularly. I’d recommend picking it up, at least if you’re inclined, at all, to journal in any capacity. (I mostly use it to hash out thoughts on books or for very rough drafts of other […]

Apple’s Tribute to Steve Jobs.

Even the smallest details of Apple’s tribute to Steve Jobs—a year after his death—are sweated. Hence the particular tuning of Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1.

A Tech Love Letter to the eMate.

Andy Wefle, on that forgotten bit of Apple history: The Apple device that holds perhaps the dearest place in my memories was my Apple Newton eMate 300. With the power of a PDA in the body of what we would now call a “netbook”, the eMate was introduced less than a year before Apple pulled the plug […]

Spotlight for iPhone.

This is a great, great idea. I would love to see this for iPhone—it would make a number of items much easier to accomplish. File this with concepts I would love to see for Apple products.

Apple v. Samsung.

Of all of the (admittedly kinda crappy) coverage of the Apple v. Samsung trial, Ars Technica (who else?) offers a good and most cogent overview of the trial and verdict. Despite the verdict being in, the issues are hardly decided. The patent law blog Patently-O has provided the best post-verdict legal analysis I’ve seen. That blog has helped […]

On Finding a Location for the Dock.

This is amusing: Stephen Hackett whimsically posted about the placement of his dock (pegged to the lower-right hand corner of his screen), and it inspired some some backlash. Sometimes hardcore Mac folks really just need to settle down. (Cf the constant coverage of the Apple v. Samsung “patent trial of the century” and the apocalyptic coverage of even the […]

Dotmail Update

Since it appears many folks are stumbling across my blog in search of more information on the neat email concept Dotmail (which is now on its way to becoming an app), you might be interested to know Tobias (the guy behind the project) has recently posted an update about the status. The gist is that a Mac […]

The Old Mac as Media Center.

This post by Dexter Ang—discussing how he transformed his old MacBook into a media center—made me recall how I had used my old MacBook Pro (first gen Intel, mid-2006) in the same way.*  After wiping the laptop entirely clean, I started over with only the basics (the slightest installation of Leopard feasible). Here’s what I […]