Of the books I read that were published in 2015, these are my favorites.

This has become a yearly tradition—joining the chorus of book lists to toss in my thoughts on the great books published this past year that I was able to read this past year. In 2014 I enjoyed Amy Bloom’s Lucky Us, among others, and the year before it was The Infatuations by Javier Marías that topped my list. For more explanation about […]

Kindle Family Library on iPad and iPhone.

Quietly—at least I didn’t see much in the way of splash on it—Amazon introduced its equivalent to Apple’s iTunes Family Sharing, Kindle Family Library.KFL allows you to share content between linked Amazon devices. From what I could find on a few web searches, it seemed to be limited to Kindles—but there appears to be a […]

The Best Best Books List.

Largehearted Boy has been aggregating many online “best books” lists. So, so many new potential reads.

The Great Book Cover Project.

I can’t recommend these book covers by Levente Szabó enough. My favorite is his cover for Kafka’s The Castle: (kudos to The Millions)

When Is It Time to Give Up a Book?

At the Guardian’s Books Blog, Peter Wild asks when we should give up on a book: Maybe there’s a part of you that knows within a paragraph (or, worse, a sentence); perhaps it takes 50 pages, or a 100, before you start to ask yourself the question: is this a book that I should abandon? […]

Summer Reading.

Often I’m asked questions for book recommendations. While I used to dole out whatever was the latest book that had my fancy, I’ve curbed that tendency lately. Recommendations should be personal—and the best ones (ones that result in a new favorite or a perspective-changing book) always are. While to one person I recommended Leaving the […]