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On the Aeropress.

Shawn Blanc:

The AeroPress has become this sort of cult classic, popular geeky way to brew coffee. Everyone with a Twitter account recommends it. There’s even an AeroPress world championship competition. And yet, while you can go to your local hipster coffee shop and buy a french press or a pourover, you’d be hard pressed to find a shop that sells (much less even uses) the AeroPress.

So for something that isn’t found in mainstream coffee shops (or even most “hipster” coffee shops), why all the hype? What makes the AeroPress so cool?

Got an Aeropress for Christmas, along with a nice bean grinder. Loving them so far.

Balzac’s Brew.

I had no idea Balzac was such a coffee addict:

Coffee — he called it a “great power in [his] life” — made possible a grueling writing schedule that had him going to bed at six, rising at 1am to work until eight in the morning, then grabbing forty winks before putting in another seven hours.

A writer after my own heart. Some days, though, he would apparently have 50 cups or more. Suddenly all my trips to the Coffee House and the break room at the office don’t seem so bad.