“The Largesse of the Sea Maiden.”

Denis Johnson has a new story out in the New Yorker (subscription required) this week—and it’s a doozy. It’s one of those stories—at least for me—that leave me in a sort of stunned silence after reading. I’m not sure what I think, but being “stunned” is almost always a good thing. While the title leaves something to […]

On the Pleasures and Solitudes of Quiet Books.

Lovely essay by Emily St. John Mandel at The Millions on so-called “quiet” books: Lately, possibly because it’s been a long summer of continuous hard work on a new novel and I don’t want to think about plot just now, or perhaps because my annual allotment of vacation days at my day job resets every September […]

What Denis Johnson and Hamlin Garland Have in Common

What do Denis Johnson and Hamlin Garland—two writers seemingly otherwise unrelated—have in common? Johnson is the lit-famous author of  Tree of Smoke: A Novel and Jesus’ Son: Stories. Hamlin Garland used to be quite famous, but now rarely appears outside of footnotes in anthologies. Johnson’s Train Dreams: A Novella was a Pulitzer finalist this year; Garland […]