“Stare Decisis” at Midwestern Gothic.

Thrilled that my short story “Stare Decisis” was accepted for publication at the great lit mag Midwestern Gothic. It’s my second fiction publication this year (“At the Turn” just recently appeared in Palooka), and I couldn’t be happier it has found a home at a magazine that highlights great midwestern writing (we’re here, too, NYC and […]

“At the Turn” available at Palooka.

My first short story to be published, “At the Turn,” is now available to read in Issue 5 of Palooka Magazine. Very, very excited for a story o’ mine to see the light of publication. You can buy e-copies of Palooka for $3.00 or the (beautiful) print edition for $9.00. Right now, though, my story is […]

Unfinished Novels.

At BookForum, a neat syllabi of unfinished novels—a surprising amount of which I have read: How was the writer ever going to tie up such a complicated plot? What was he or she going to do with all those characters and their noisy, difficult yearnings? And what was it all supposed to mean? As we […]

Paris Review Interview with Javier Marías.

Javier Marías, in an interview with The Paris Review: Some have said that writing is a unique way of knowing, but it is a unique way of recognizing. This happens very often in Proust in particular. You read something and you say, Yes, this is true, this is something I have experienced, this is something […]