Terence Malick was (probably) not a Parisian hairdresser.

I am late to this, but The Los Angeles Review of Books ran a great profile of Terence Malick. Even linking to the story—or reading about it—seems to infringe on his privacy: Malick has politely declined every single one of the countless interview requests he’s received since 1975 (by which point he had granted only a few), […]

Groundhog Day.

At The Guardian, an appreciation of Groundhog Day, truly a modern classic comedy: But if one of the marks of a great film is that we can barely remember a time when it wasn’t in our lives, then Groundhog Day passes that test with ease. It seems to have been with us for ever.

On the best of the “Indiana Jones” films.

Emily Asher-Perrin, arguing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is the finest of all the Indy films: Steven Spielberg has spent nearly his entire career picking apart bad father-son dynamics, and though it grates at times, The Last Crusade is one of the places where it works to an utterly charming end. Ford and Connery form a […]

“What ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ Really Says.”

Silpa Kovvali, over at The Atlantic, deftly analyzes Beasts of the Southern Wild: The movie, which tells a surreal tale of a bayou community known as “the Bathtub” threatened with destruction, hardly celebrates reckless hedonism. Rather, it forces us to try on a new worldview in the hopes that we permanently expand our own. My wife […]