New York Times’ 100 Notable Books.

It’s getting to be my favorite time of the year—at least as far as book lists go. The New York Times’ notable “100 Notable Books” is the monarch of lists, and it’s a good one. I can recommend several titles on the list, a few of which I’ve reviewed before: Fiction A Constellation of Vital […]

George Saunders’ Desktop

At The Guardian, George Saunders details his technology (or lack thereof): I’m not easily distracted, as a rule. Especially where writing is concerned. But I have noticed, over the last few years, the very real (what feels like) neurological effect of the computer and the iPhone and texting and so on – it feels like I’ve […]

Book Review: “Tenth of December” by George Saunders.

My review of George Saunders’ excellent short story collection Tenth of December is now live at the Lincoln Journal-Star. It was also in Sunday’s paper, I believe. If you love Saunders, this is more of his brilliance. If you’ve not read him, this is as good a place as any to start. If you’re somewhere in between, […]