“The Neruda Case” by Roberto Ampuero.

My review of Roberto Ampuero’s The Neruda Case is now live at the Ploughshares Blog: The Cayetano novels splice literary fiction with noirish detective yarns—but what makes The Neruda Case particularly interesting is its nuanced portrait of the Nobel laureate poet. Many thanks to Ploughshares for publishing (and for the excellent edits). Bonus link: The “View From Your […]

Literary Boroughs: Omaha

Over at the usually-excellent Plougshares, the series Literary Boroughs makes a stop in Omaha: It’s a terrific habitat for someone with a writerly sensibility, particularly in a recession: affordable housing, some quiet time, a culturally satisfying lifestyle, and a compassionate community willing to help you see your harebrained idea through to its fruition. Including Jackson […]