Profile of Sergio De La Pava.

I can’t recommend this profile of self-publishing success Sergio De La Pava (at The Millions) enough.

What if De La Pava never wanted to be published commercially? Or what if he’d sold his book in 2007, but then refused to be edited? What if he’d emailed his manuscript in Zapf Dingbats font? Or forgotten to attach the attachment? Or what if — I speculated, as the man across from me on the subway struck up a conversation with voices only he could hear — De La Pava was certifiably crazy?

Or perhaps the author’s bio says it all: “Sergio De La Pava is a writer who does not live in Brooklyn.” A Naked Singularity has been on my to-read list for a while; I’ve been reading about him over the last several months, and each thing I’ve seen has only piqued my interest more. With the prices of the XLibris editions of A Naked Singularity the way that they are, I should have jumped on a copy when I had the chance.