Apple v. Samsung.

Of all of the (admittedly kinda crappy) coverage of the Apple v. Samsung trial, Ars Technica (who else?) offers a good and most cogent overview of the trial and verdict. Despite the verdict being in, the issues are hardly decided.

The patent law blog Patently-O has provided the best post-verdict legal analysis I’ve seen. That blog has helped me understand the basics of the patent process, which doesn’t quite follow the usual post-trial procedure. This will make following this case over the next few weeks important. For example, will Apple win an injunction against Samsung? The judge, not the jury, will have to decide this issue. Then comes the interesting parts:

If an injunction is issued, a big question is whether relief will be stayed pending appeal. An adjudged infringer generally has no right to continue infringing while the case is on appeal. However, courts will stay injunctive relief when the stay prevents great potential harm and/or the appellant has a strong case on appeal. Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Apple will NOT receive the $1 billion damages until after the appeal is complete. However, Samsung would be required to post a “supersedeas bond” that may be to be set by the court, but will certainly be several hundred million dollars. During the appeal or any other delay in payment, the damages will collect interest.

It will continue to be interesting to see how this case goes on appeal.