Filming “Nebraska” in Nebraska.

One of the movies I’m most anticipating, Alexander Payne’s Nebraska, will be actually filming in Nebraska. Taxes, incentives, etc. etc. made this this questionable. Payne testified before the Unicameral earlier this year in support of a bill to help incentivize movie productions. The bill passed the Legislature, and was signed by the Governor. Hence this announcement.

A bit about the film:

The road picture is the story of a father and estranged son on a journey from Montana to claim winnings from a sweepstakes ticket in Lincoln, Neb.

Payne is on my rough list of directors whose movies I will see, regardless of topic (a post about another person on that list, Andrew Dominik, here). He’s a genius at tone. Although, at least on my first watch (all of Payne’s films deserve a second viewing), I was slightly dissapointed by The Descendants, I’m still eagerly anticipating this one.