The Atlantic’s Interview with D.T. Max.

There have been a number of interviews with D.T. Max, whose biography of David Foster Wallace (see my previous post) was out last week. But this one from the Atlantic might be the best I’ve read. Max:

I think some people have tried to turn David into some kind of Thomas Merton figure, but whereas Merton found God, David found God in the form of a 12-step program. Part of the 12-step program that he found hardest to accept—and therefore in my mind most exciting to think about—was faith. I don’t think the Judeo-Christian God ever satisfied him. I think he found it hard to put his skepticism away and feel faith. I think that one of the reasons he tried so hard to believe in God was because in 12-step programs, one of the reasons there’s an emphasis on God isn’t because 12-step programs want you to be a Christian or a Jew, they want you to know you’re not God. And that’s really important for him as an addict: I’m not God. I can relax a bit.