Year of David Foster Wallace.

Over at the Fiction Advocate, Michael Moats has posted both Parts I and II of his “Year of David Foster Wallace,” summing up the author’s legacy in 2012:

In the last 12 months, Wallace was the subject of three books, and author of one posthumous collection of essays. This level of attention is significant in and of itself, but it was not all that happened — not by a long shot. Over the year there came a steady flow of news, blog posts and small insights. There were stage adaptations, a Pulitzer controversy, displays of affection from a porn star and a Supreme Court Justice, and references in TV shows, a commercial, a web video and a proper movie.

Curiously enough, I was reading along in Part II and suddenly saw my own name: my blog post about Infinite Jest in a 1-800 Contacts Commercial received a reference. (I’m quoted about my ambivalence about what the 1-800 Contacts / Infinite Jest commercial means for novel’s cultural position. Thanks, Michael, for the shout-out.)

While I consider myself to be a fairly close follower of all things DFW, this post showed me how much I missed. Michael’s conclusion is spot-on: “Four years after his death, David Foster Wallace is on our minds more than ever.”