The Forgot About Dre Game.

Dr. Dre by Jason PersseIt occurred to me, while listening to the easy rhymes and the smooth beats of rapper Dr. Dre, that there should be a game that is:

  1. Easy to play, just as easy as Dre rhymes; and
  2. That involves us making sure we honor Dre’s desire that we not forget about him.

So I devised a rather simple game, which I have dubbed the Forgot About Dre game. It is similar to The Game—if you are familiar—but works on, basically, an inverse principle. Hit the jump for the rules.

The Rules

  • In any given conversation, the winner is the first one to ask the other whether he/she forgot about Dre. The loser is the one who, by virtue of not asking the question, shows he/she has, indeed, forgotten about Dre.
  • If two people simultaneously ask each other if they have forgotten about Dre, a REMEMBERING DRE rap battle decides the winner. The combatants trade Dre lyrics (which must include at least one rhyme); the loser is the last one who can’t remember a good Dre lyric, thus showing that he/she has, indeed, forgotten about Dre.
    • During each rap battle, if the contestants get through at least five turns, each contestant then gets an I Need a Doctor call, where they can ask a friend—or phone a friend—for some Dre lyrical assistance. If the friend has failed to provide said assistance, and shows a general forgetfulness in re: Dre, that contestant loses.


Penalties for the losers can be determined based on the particular circumstances—if you’re at a restaurant, perhaps the loser(s) have to pick up the tab. Etc. Be creative, just like Dre is lyrically AND sonically.

So there you have it. Have fun, kids. Enjoy Dre responsibly. Cross your fingers about Detox. And never, ever—ever—forget about him.