Paris Review Interview with Javier Marías.

Javier Marías, in an interview with The Paris Review:

Some have said that writing is a unique way of knowing, but it is a unique way of recognizing. This happens very often in Proust in particular. You read something and you say, Yes, this is true, this is something I have experienced, this is something I have seen, I have felt this, but I wouldn’t have been able to express it the way he has. Now I really know it. That is what the novel does better than any other genre or any other art, in my opinion. I wouldn’t say that I think best when I am writing. But I think differently.

I’m late to reading Marías, but I am glad I finally tackled A Heart So White. Breathtaking book.

One of these days I will get through the absolute treasure-trove that is the PR’s collection of interviews.