On the first proofs.

As I have mentioned before, my first short story to see the light of publication (outside of student publications), “At the Turn,” was accepted by Palooka Magazine. Having just finished looking through all of the proofs, it’s sort of hitting me now that it’s actually coming out.

Although I’ve been writing fiction off and on for years, I only have recently in the last year or so started extensive submitting to journals. While some other stories—unsurprisingly—have been rejected by numerous publications, “At the Turn” was accepted by only the second magazine to whom I submitted it. I’m thrilled that my work has been given a chance by Palooka Editor Jonathan Starke (thanks, Jonathan!), and it was totally surreal to see the work with my name actually in print.

I’ll make sure to post up here again once the issue comes out, if by chance you’d like to order digital or print copies, of course.