Kindle Family Library on iPad and iPhone.

Quietly—at least I didn’t see much in the way of splash on it—Amazon introduced its equivalent to Apple’s iTunes Family Sharing, Kindle Family Library.KFL allows you to share content between linked Amazon devices. From what I could find on a few web searches, it seemed to be limited to Kindles—but there appears to be a workaround.

Both my wife and I have Kindle Paperwhites, which we love, but it’s nice to read on my iPhone if I don’t have the Kindle with me. When you connect Kindles using KFL, the content automatically shows up on each device—but the same is not true for registered iPads or iPhones. After a little exploring, I figured out how to get the shared content to show up on the iOS devices:

1. Login to your account.

2. Navigate to “Manage Your Content and Devices,” which is about halfway down the page.

kindle_manage_content3. Click the top tab “Your Devices.” Select the device that you want the shared content on.

4. Check “Show [Name of Shared Person’s] Content.”

Now their content should appear on your non-Amazon device.