“Sunsets in Sunny Gardens” in I-70 Review.

i-70review_2016_front-cover_final_adjMy short story, “Sunsets in Sunny Gardens,” has now appeared in the latest I-70 Review. Thanks to Gary, Maryfrances, Jan and Greg for accepting it. I received my copy in the mail this week and it looks fantastic.

The story opens:

On Monday, at 6:42 a.m., the sun rose in the west. Of all the residents of Sunny Gardens, only Francis noticed.

“Did you see it?” he asked Mrs. Vance, whose husband had died two decades ago but who wouldn’t countenance going by any other name. Since she was a late riser—if you could call the pharmaceutical haze she functioned in rising—she wasn’t helpful.

“Did you see where the sun came from this morning?” he asked the liver-spotted Percy Everett, who was the oldest person at Sunny Gardens but probably, still, the most lucid. Even the young Hispanic nurse, Rita or Rodriga (it was one of the two) who smiled a click wide and was the most punctual person he had ever known, and who made sure he took his pills—the nurse hadn’t seen the sun come up from the wrong direction, either.