Essay on Norah Lange’s “People in the Room”

My most recently published piece, an essay and (sort of) review of Norah Lange’s “People in the Room,” appeared over at Literal Magazine recently. With a little time from the publication of this first-ever English translation of this eldritch avant grade novel (thank you, And Other Stories) I tried to create some obvious distance from the way the book had been covered so far. Instead of talking about Lange’s biography, which mostly occasioned reviewers the chance to talk about Borges again, I explored more in-depth the ideas and metaphors Lange employed in the novel:

People in the Room belongs with a subset of novels that seem to have set a foundation upon which the edifice of many subsequent works has been built, or at least it anticipated what that foundation required. The moment has come to head down to the basement and find out what we’ve overlooked.