The Art of the Sentence: “As I Lay Dying.”

The always-wonderful Tin House blog recently featured a nice post by Shane Jones on a single haunting sentence from Faulker’s As I Lay Dying: Few single lines have haunted me more than this one, first read during a snow storm when I was twenty years old and living in Buffalo. I remember lying on my dorm room bed […]

Ars Technica’s Staffers’ Setups.

I really am a sucker for things like this: Ars Technica finally publishes a collection of its staffers’ and contributors’ setups. My favorite is Eric Bangeman’s: Want.

“Killing Them Softly.”

Andrew Dominik is on my short list of directors whose movies  I must see. The trailer for his latest, Killing Them Softly, has just been released. You can watch it at Slashfilm. There is a little extended version of a scene on the film’s website, too. (Be forewarned that it plays automatically.) The synopsis: Adapted from George […]

AV Club Interview: Louis C.K.

The AV Club has featured another great interview of Louis C.K. Says the comedian: I’m looking into something right now that may turn into a movie in the next couple years, but I have no idea how it’s going to… We’ll see. Asked if he’d appear in any kind of big comedy movie: No, if somebody […]

The Fall of Jonah Lehrer.

Jonah Lehrer has resigned his position from the New Yorker after it was discovered that he had fabricated quotes in his latest book, Imagine. Kottke, with a recent post on the revelations: When this sort of thing happens, you wonder how much else was, shall we say, embellished for effect. Andrew Sullivan: The whole thing is saddening because […]

Colson Whitehead’s Rules For Writing.

One of my favorite contempoary authors, Colson Whitehead, recently laid out his 11 Rules for Writing over at the New York Times. It’s predictably insightful–and hilarious: Once your subject finds you, it’s like falling in love. It will be your constant companion. Shadowing you, peeping in your windows, calling you at all hours to leave […]

Apple and Twitter?

According to the New York Times, Apple is considering a significant investment in Twitter. (See also Cult of Mac with some commentary.) This would be strangely interesting, since it belies Apple’s usual business strategy of buying and subsuming (to paraphrase the article). Certainly, the way Twitter has been threading its way into Mac OS and […]

Update re: the 47 Endings of “A Farewell to Arms.”

In a previous post I linked a New York Times piece mentioning a new edition of A Farewell To Arms, which included all of Papa’s additional, but scrubbed, endings. (Perhaps scrubbed out at Hemingway’s standing desk?) Out now, there is a nice piece over at the Millions about the endings, focusing more on the literary ephemera […]

Dot Mail App in Development.

Not terribly long ago I posted about an email concept called .Mail (“Dotmail”). Created by Tobias van Schneider, it now appears headed for a possible app. Head over to to check out some more details and sign up for alerts on its progress. You can also follow Tobias on Twitter. Of course, one has […]

Cloud Atlas: The Movie.

One of my favorite novels of the last decade or so, Cloud Atlas, has been adapted into a movie. I have followed the news of the film with somewhat reserved excitement—although I love David Mitchell’s work, this novel, if you’ve read it, is exceedingly difficult to adapt to the screen; its nested plot structure, multiple storylines, […]