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GTD Article.

My article Getting Things Done: Is it Right for the Young Lawyer?, is now live on the American Bar Association’s web site. If you’re into GTD, or are a lawyer, or just want to be more productive, check it out. The last little bit of the article was cut—in it, I mentioned the essential app OmniFocus, […]

Talking Covers: Freedom.

Now this is a nifty site: Talking Covers has agglomerated the stories of several book covers, most interestingly (to me)  Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom. From the photographer of the cerulean warbler on the cover: The bird on the cover was photographed in a southeastern Ohio state forest, not far from the West Virginia coal fields featured in […]

Review of “A Hologram For the King” in the Lincoln Journal-Star

My review of Dave Eggers’ excellent A Hologram for the King appears in today’s Lincoln Journal-Star. You can read it online right here. I liked Hologram a lot, actually. The 300 words or so that the review comprises aren’t, obviously, enough to talk about all of the book’s strengths, and some of its faults. The […]

JJS on William Faulkner

The always insightful John Jeremiah Sullivan turns in a piece for the New York Times about William Faulkner, race, and Absalom, Absalom—as it turns out, it’s to be part of the introduction to the new volume of the novel. JJS’s analysis is astute. I read this impenetrable book a few years ago, and probably would […]

Bookforum Interview with Tom Bissell

In case you missed it—it was first posted a couple months ago—Bookforum has an excellent interview with Tom Bissell: So here’s my thing: I think you can only be a snob about one thing. And I’m a snob about fiction. Well, maybe snob is the wrong word to use, but you know what I mean. […]

.Mail – Tobias van Schneider

This is a very cool concept—a rethinking of email by Tobias van Schneider. I must say, I would definitely like a mail app that looked like this—and had these kinds of features. This is roughly, anyway, how I organize my email as it is. (I use Sparrow when I can.) I especially like the management of […]

Anxiety is Omnivorous; or, Can Reading Ever Be Bad For You?

I would recommend  this fantastic piece over at Guernica. It’s about the anxiety of the writer Daniel Smith, which prompts many questions about anxiety generally. Somehow I missed this one (it was published a little less than a month ago). But it’s a must-read. Smith has written about anxiety for the New York Times and has a forthcoming […]