The Queue.

While work has, of late, been busy enough that I have not had much of an opportunity to put forth much content here, I’ve queued up a number of interesting-looking pieces to read, including this one on book reviewing over at the Awl. Fortunately I have gotten word that I have two articles appearing in print […]

Essay on “Main-Travelled Roads” at The Millions.

My essay on the under-appreciated author Hamlin Garland is now live over at The Millions. It opens: In 1887, Hamlin Garland, then a 27-year-old aspiring writer, traveled by train from Boston back to his family’s farm in Ordway, South Dakota. Having spent most of his life in the Midwest, and shuttling around the Dakotas, Iowa, and […]

Hamlin Garland

I received word today that the best lit blog on the Internet, The Millions, is going to publish my essay on the (sadly forgotten) writer Hamlin Garland. I’m thrilled. I wrote the piece after stumbling on “Under the Lion’s Paw” in an anthology, and then picking up a used copy of Garland’s debut collection of […]

Literary Boroughs: Omaha

Over at the usually-excellent Plougshares, the series Literary Boroughs makes a stop in Omaha: It’s a terrific habitat for someone with a writerly sensibility, particularly in a recession: affordable housing, some quiet time, a culturally satisfying lifestyle, and a compassionate community willing to help you see your harebrained idea through to its fruition. Including Jackson […]