Reviewing books.

My reading recently has been concentrated on reviewing. While I try to write up something  for most anything semi-relevant/recent/interesting for this blog, I am also reviewing books for a few different places: My write-up of A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers should be appearing soon in the Lincoln Journal-Star. This book I quite enjoyed—I […]

The Alternate Endings to “A Farewell to Arms.”

The New York Times notes that a new edition of A Farewell to Arms is going to contain all of Hemingway’s famous 39 47 revised endings: For close readers of Hemingway the endings are a fascinating glimpse into how the novel could have concluded on a different note, sometimes more blunt and sometimes more optimistic. […]

A short list of big books I have used to kill spiders around my house

The Origins of Political Order, Francis Fukuyama Critical Theory Since 1965, Hazard Adams and Leroy Searle, eds. Nixonland, Rick Perlstein Freedom, Jonathan Franzen We’ve been getting a decent amount of spiders lately. Big, heavy hardbacks do have some uses—it’s not like I was going to swing my iPad at any eight-legged intruders. Update: Another one […]

Profile of Sergio De La Pava.

I can’t recommend this profile of self-publishing success Sergio De La Pava (at The Millions) enough. What if De La Pava never wanted to be published commercially? Or what if he’d sold his book in 2007, but then refused to be edited? What if he’d emailed his manuscript in Zapf Dingbats font? Or forgotten to […]

First post.

Just registered the site—and am going to get the blog up and running soon. I have been everywhere from Blogger to Tumblr, and now I’ve ventured off on my domain/site here, with some help from WordPress. This blog will focus on books and literature, my own writing and others’, with a dash of the other […]