On WatchOS 3.

Ars Technica discusses its impressions of WatchOS 3, and how it may finally make the Apple Watch live up to its promise: WatchOS 3 has the benefit of a year or so of actual user data behind it, and it shows. Apple had ideas about how people might or should use the watch, and now […]

Kindle Family Library on iPad and iPhone.

Quietly—at least I didn’t see much in the way of splash on it—Amazon introduced its equivalent to Apple’s iTunes Family Sharing, Kindle Family Library.KFL allows you to share content between linked Amazon devices. From what I could find on a few web searches, it seemed to be limited to Kindles—but there appears to be a […]

My Home Screen.

As an avid fan of virtually any home screen blog post, for a long time—for no particular reason—I’ve not shared my own home screen. Today, at least as far as my iPhone goes, I’m going to remedy that. Without further comment:   For one, I don’t understand anyone who leaves a blank row on their […]

OmniFocus 2 Round-up.

After a lot of development time, OmniFocus 2 for Mac is finally out. I’ve been beta testing it for a while, and I have to say that it’s definitely an improvement over OF1, which I’ve been living with—and relying upon—for some time now. While I’ll leave the long reviews to the experts, I have to […]

OS X Mavericks.

While the new iOS looks pretty sharp, I’m most excited about this new multi-monitor support in OS X Mavericks.Two monitors + Apple TV display = heaven. If only there had been a Retina Thunderbolt Display announced…

Protecting Your Mac.

The Mac Lawyer shares a few decent tips for protecting your Mac. It is mostly basic stuff, but reminders are always helpful. (Especially if you have a new Mac like me and forgot to trigger some of your old security settings.)

Alfred 2.

One of my favorite Mac apps, the fantastic universal-searcher Alfred, was just updated to version 2. It’s still free, with an optional (but worth it) Powerpack for about the equivalent of $20. The newly-added workflows seems to have some potential, but until I figure them out it’s slightly annoying all the old extensions have disappeared. At […]

Do Stuff.

As part of series of videos on OmniFocus, David Sparks speaks about that most important of things in Getting Things Done: actually doing things. Also worth a watch is Sven Fechner’s A Fresh Take on Contexts.

How to Calculate a Date with Siri.

Over at MacSparky, David Sparks posted about a useful feature of Siri—at least if you’re a lawyer and you constantly need to calculate what is X amount of days from Y. (Which I am and which I do.) In short, you just ask Siri “What is X days from Y?” and she’ll figure it out. […]

Just Like Starting Over (with a new Mac).

A new Mac brings new possibilities: a way to completely reconfigure how you use your computer. While desktop changes and software changes and all customizations can, of course, be done at any time, obtaining a brand new computer provides one with the best opportunity for starting fresh. And when I obtained a new Retina MacBook […]