One of my favorite poems (and one of the very few I ever bothered to memorize) is the theme to this teaser for the final episodes of Breaking Bad. August 11. I can’t wait.

101 Best Written TV Shows of All Time.

The  Writers Guild of America (WGA) released a list of the 101 Best Written TV Shows of All Time. Lists like these are prone to the vagaries of compilation, and a number of other factors (how to measure shows that have not yet completed their runs, for example, with finished shows), but it’s an interesting […]

How Will Breaking Bad End?

  Vulture: Breaking Bad won’t be over-over for another fifteen episodes — eight of which won’t air until next summer anyway — but it’s impossible not to wonder how it’s all going to end. Its entire vibe is one of impending mortality, and looming death is BB’s brutal bread and butter. But how will the […]