Review of “The Bone Clocks.”

I had the pleasure of reviewing the new novel, The Bone Clocks, from one of my favorite living writers, David Mitchell, in the Lincoln Journal-Star. A snippet: As opposed to the six self-contained stories in “Cloud Atlas,” “The Bone Clocks” attempts to trace a single story through the ages and locations of the world, fitting them together in […]

Man Booker Prize Shortlist.

Just this morning, the shortlist for the Man Booker Prize was announced. A couple books that have been long on my reading list (the Fowler and Ferris) were included, and one that I’m currently reading (David Mitchell’s The Bone Clocks) was left off. My verdict is still out on The Bone Clocks.

The Other Cloud Atlas.

Since (on this blog) I’ve seemingly posted endlessly about Cloud Atlas (David Mitchell’s novel and the film), it seems only appropriate to link to this piece by Liam Callahan, who wrote a book titled The Cloud Atlas that was released the same year as Mitchell’s novel. Poor guy. The post lists the ways in which his […]

The Real Luisa Rey: Karen Silkwood.

To what extent is the fantastic Cloud Atlas based on reality? Aside from the future Seoul and post-apocalyptic Hawaii, the answer: more than you think. In another of my series of posts on Cloud Atlas (see especially my earlier post on real cloud atlases), today I’m looking at the real-life inspiration for Luisa Rey, one of the novel’s chief protagonists. About […]

Tom Tykwer on Cloud Atlas.

Tom Tykwer, who directed the upcoming Cloud Atlas along with Wachowskis, talks about the film: What we were really thinking and what we feel is, you know whether it succeeds or not, we of course don’t know, but we know there’s a huge amount of people out there who are desperately hungry for films that […]

The Wachowskis Talk Cloud Atlas.

The Slash Film interview. Skip about 5 minutes in to hear them talk about their film version David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas—which arrives in only a week or so. (C.F. my post on real cloud atlases.) Lana’s talk about the Matrix Trilogy (at about 17 minutes) is also well worth watching, and also makes some intriguing connects […]

Aleksander Hemon Profiles the Wachowskis.

Aleksander Hemon (a great writer in his own regard) profiles the Wachowskis and chronicles the making of Cloud Atlas: In the Wachowskis’ work, the forces of evil are often overwhelmingly powerful, inflicting misery on humans, who maintain their faith until they’re saved by an unexpected miracle. The story of the making of “Cloud Atlas” fits this […]

On Cloud Atlases.

You may have chanced to read Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell’s (in my humble opinion) masterpiece novel of connected stories. Or else you may have recently seen the trailer for the film. But were you aware that “cloud atlases” were real things? I wasn’t—at least not until lately. Cloud Atlases in “Cloud Atlas” In Mitchell’s novel, Zachry, the […]

Update re: the 47 Endings of “A Farewell to Arms.”

In a previous post I linked a New York Times piece mentioning a new edition of A Farewell To Arms, which included all of Papa’s additional, but scrubbed, endings. (Perhaps scrubbed out at Hemingway’s standing desk?) Out now, there is a nice piece over at the Millions about the endings, focusing more on the literary ephemera […]

Cloud Atlas: The Movie.

One of my favorite novels of the last decade or so, Cloud Atlas, has been adapted into a movie. I have followed the news of the film with somewhat reserved excitement—although I love David Mitchell’s work, this novel, if you’ve read it, is exceedingly difficult to adapt to the screen; its nested plot structure, multiple storylines, […]