DFW Week Roundup.

Over the last week, Page Turner,the book blog of┬áThe New Yorker, has been running a feature called “DFW Week,” featuring a number of posts from D.T. Max about David Foster Wallace, drumming up interest in Max’s biography. I previously posted about one post, a collection of Wallace’s childhood writings. But I thought it might be […]

The Atlantic’s Interview with D.T. Max.

There have been a number of interviews with D.T. Max, whose biography of David Foster Wallace (see my previous post) was out last week. But this one from the Atlantic might be the best I’ve read. Max: I think some people have tried to turn David into some kind of Thomas Merton figure, but whereas […]

The Childhood Writings of David Foster Wallace.

As part of “DFW Week,” Page Turner has a post from D.T. Max about David Foster Wallace’s childhood writings: All the same there is something about the aura of mystery and discomfort enfolding the adult David Foster Wallace that makes you want to search even his childhood writing for clues. You are looking both for […]