Alfred 2.

One of my favorite Mac apps, the fantastic universal-searcher Alfred, was just updated to version 2. It’s still free, with an optional (but worth it) Powerpack for about the equivalent of $20. The newly-added workflows seems to have some potential, but until I figure them out it’s slightly annoying all the old extensions have disappeared. At […]

Just Like Starting Over (with a new Mac).

A new Mac brings new possibilities: a way to completely reconfigure how you use your computer. While desktop changes and software changes and all customizations can, of course, be done at any time, obtaining a brand new computer provides one with the best opportunity for starting fresh. And when I obtained a new Retina MacBook […]

Evernote 5 for iOS.

As if the awesome Evernote 5 Mac Beta wasn’t good enough, there is a new iOS version coming out soon. (Unfortunately, I can’t embed the video—but head over to the site to check it out.) Evernote is the most indispensable app I use.