H.P. Lovecraft’s Writing Advice.

A recent post at Brain Pickings sums up some writing advice of H.P. Lovecraft. Some of this is bunk, but it does contain, for example, one of the better arguments for the Faulkner side in the Faulkner v. Hemingway “ten-dollar word” debate. (The famous quote from Hemingway: “Poor Faulkner. Does he really think big emotions […]

Update re: the 47 Endings of “A Farewell to Arms.”

In a previous post I linked a New York Times piece mentioning a new edition of A Farewell To Arms, which included all of Papa’s additional, but scrubbed, endings. (Perhaps scrubbed out at Hemingway’s standing desk?) Out now, there is a nice piece over at the Millions about the endings, focusing more on the literary ephemera […]