A Connecticut “The Children Act.”

Proving perhaps that Ian McEwan was on to something, a recent case out of Connecticut seems to be playing out the drama of McEwan’s novel The Children Act: The girl, identified in court papers as Cassandra C., learned that she had Hodgkin’s lymphoma in September. Ever since, she and her mother have been entangled in a legal […]

Review of “The Children Act.”

My review of Ian McEwan’s new novel The Children Act is now available online: Ian McEwan has always had a legal mind. “Atonement,” the novel he is probably best known for, turned on a false accusation, and the ramifications of an unjust conviction based on a relatively thin amount of evidence. “The Children Act,” his […]

An Unfinished Story: “What Happened to Sophie Wilder” by Christopher Beha.

Charlie Blakeman has always compared his life with ex Sophie’s. She “became a touchstone against which I measured the passing time,” Charlie narrates, “my relationships, my writing, and found it all wanting. This wasn’t just nostalgia – though I might have idealized what we’d had, I didn’t want to recover the past. It was the […]