New files re: In Cold Blood.

You can bet if it’s on In Cold Blood, I’ll be reading it. Most recently, a few new investigative files are set to be released. As with any of the other late revelations—especially the bit about the supposed additional murders committed in Florida by Hickock and Smith, which always seemed to be a bit of […]

WSJ Revelations on “In Cold Blood.”

The Wall Street Journal has an investigative piece on In Cold Blood: [N]ew evidence undermines Mr. Capote’s claim that his best seller was an “immaculately factual” recounting of the bloody slaughter of the Clutter family in their Kansas farmhouse. It also calls into question the image of Mr. Dewey as the brilliant, haunted hero. As […]

Cold “In Cold Blood.”

For someone who has spent a great deal of time thinking about Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, one of the great masterpieces of the 20th century, this possible bit of news has me intrigued: More than 50 years after the Walker family was murdered in the quiet, carefree town of Osprey, Fla., the focus of […]