My Home Screen.

As an avid fan of virtually any home screen blog post, for a long time—for no particular reason—I’ve not shared my own home screen. Today, at least as far as my iPhone goes, I’m going to remedy that. Without further comment:   For one, I don’t understand anyone who leaves a blank row on their […]

Rooster and The Rooster.

I am intrigued by this new app, Rooster: Like your trusted friend who always has great recommendations, we take the guesswork out of choosing your next read. Each month, we pair our contemporary selection with a classic. Both are great on their own and together they’re even better, like a fine cheese with the perfectly […]


Apple made an excellent selection for its App of the Year: DayOne, the journaling app on iPhone/iPad/Mac, which I use regularly. I’d recommend picking it up, at least if you’re inclined, at all, to journal in any capacity. (I mostly use it to hash out thoughts on books or for very rough drafts of other […]

Spotlight for iPhone.

This is a great, great idea. I would love to see this for iPhone—it would make a number of items much easier to accomplish. File this with concepts I would love to see for Apple products.