Paulo Coelho on “Ulysses.”

Paulo Coelho, speaking to a Brazilian newspaper: One of the books that caused great harm was James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses,’ which is pure style. There is nothing there. Stripped down, ‘Ulysses’ is a twit. A rather strident riposte (“Coelho is an idiot”), can be read here. The comments are baffling, and it is difficult to determine […]

Built Out of Loneliness: Paul Murray’s “Skippy Dies”

About halfway through Paul Murray’s Skippy Dies, one of the schoolboy characters, Ruprecht, reconsiders the intracacies of his beloved String Theory: Our universe, one could almost say, is actually built out of loneliness; and that foundational loneliness persists upwards to haunt every one of its residents. The loneliness, Ruprecht believes (at least at this particular […]