John Jeremiah Sullivan on Essays.

This has my name written all over it: JJS writes about essays, adapted from from the introduction to Best American Essays 2014. Now I just have to find my copy of The New Yorker so I don’t have to squint at this computer screen anymore.

Ask John Jeremiah Sullivan.

Over at the Paris Review, John Jeremiah Sullivan responds to a reader from the south “raised in a religious cult” who is attempting to “throw off the shackles of [a] religious upbringing and become an intelligent well-formed adult.” JJS’s sage advice: “[D]on’t fall for the inferiority/superiority racket. We’re not on a ladder here. We’re on a […]

“Venus and Serena Against the World.”

John Jeremiah Sullivan profiles the Williams Sisters at the NYT. This is how it starts: There’s video that exists of Venus and Serena Williams playing tennis when they were kids — 8 and 7, respectively — in the late ’80s, on unshaded but otherwise decent-looking public courts in California. This is not one of the […]

JJS on William Faulkner

The always insightful John Jeremiah Sullivan turns in a piece for the New York Times about William Faulkner, race, and Absalom, Absalom—as it turns out, it’s to be part of the introduction to the new volume of the novel. JJS’s analysis is astute. I read this impenetrable book a few years ago, and probably would […]

Reviewing books.

My reading recently has been concentrated on reviewing. While I try to write up something  for most anything semi-relevant/recent/interesting for this blog, I am also reviewing books for a few different places: My write-up of A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers should be appearing soon in the Lincoln Journal-Star. This book I quite enjoyed—I […]